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Can't decide where to take a trip to next? Traffe provides you with millions of professional travel blogs right at your fingertips. Finding your next travel destination has never been easier. Adventure awaits – go find it!

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Don't want to travel like a tourist, seeing the same places everyone else has seen? Read travel blogs written by locals to feel right at home in a foreign land. Discover the hidden gems in every place you travel to!

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Feel like you’re spending more time pouring through your heavy travel books instead of enjoying the beauty around you? Get traffe and all the travel guides you'll ever need will be just a click away!

About traffe

This app is for the dreamers and adventurers.

Traffe is a global travel app with a beautifully designed interface. It is now available for iOS and Android.

Traffe brings together millions of professionally written travel blogs so you can plan your next trip to popular destinations in Asia in just a few minutes - like when you take that quick coffee break. You can easily search articles by destination and topics ranging from accommodation, transportation, shopping, souvenirs, and many more. Its just that easy!

Want to explore places like Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand and other Asian countries without feeling overwhelmed? Love to travel and explore the rich and varied lifestyles and cultures that Asia has to offer? Then Traffe is your MUST-HAVE travel accessory!

Welcome to the largest and greatest collection of travel blogs out there: Welcome to the era of traffe!


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller

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